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San Jose

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Cleaning Your Way Through Commercial Power Washing

Cleaning a commercial area can be difficult because it is always in use, and deep and detailed cleaning doesn’t happen there. That is why hiring pressure washing in San Jose for your commercial building is ideal. Here are the services you can get when you hire us.

Power Washing Services

  1. Exterior Building Cleaning: Power washing removes dirt, grime, mold, and other stains from the exterior of commercial buildings, including walls, facades, and entryways, enhancing its look and maintaining a professional image.
  2. Sidewalk and Walkway Cleaning: Power washing removes dirt, gum, and other unsightly stains from sidewalks, walkways, and pathways, creating a welcoming look to the building.
  3. Dumpster Pad Cleaning: Power washing disinfects and deodorizes dumpster pads, eliminating bacteria, odors, and unsanitary conditions to ensure a clean and hygienic waste management.
  4. Parking Lot: Power washing can clean all sorts of stains from the parking lot and make it look new.

The benefit of Hiring the Power Washing San Jose Team

These services help businesses maintain clean, safe, and inviting environments for employees, customers, and visitors while protecting and preserving property assets.

Enhances Aesthetics:
Imagine looking at a sparkly building and exclaiming, ‘Wow, this is one well-maintained building!’. A well-maintained building always attracts businesses and awes customers.

Protects Property Value:
Regular power washing helps prevent the building from degrading over time, preserving and improving property value and reducing maintenance costs.

Promotes Health and Safety:
Washing also eliminates bacteria, mold, and allergens from exterior surfaces, creating a suitable environment for employees and customers.

Supports Eco-Friendly Products:
We use eco-safe cleaning agents to remove stains and contaminants, minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and reducing environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQS.

How often should I schedule power washing for my commercial property?

Since San Jose has a Mediterranean climate, we suggest that you get power washing done twice every year.

Will power washing disrupt my business operations?

Our professional power washing doesn’t disrupt your business operations. We schedule cleaning in such a time when your business doesn’t get disturbed, like outside business hours, during slow periods or batch-wise.

How long does it take to complete a power washing job?

The time depends on how much washing you want us to do and how much area we must cover. Your contract states it all.

Are there any environmental concerns associated with power washing?

We only use high-pressure water and environmentally safe agents for power washing. So, no, there are no environmental concerns.